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Hi all

I'm from the UK and accidentally stumbled onto this site after reminiscing about a couple of old cats i used to have. I googled "I miss my old cats" and this site turned up with a thread i thought i'd reply to so i signed up and realised replying to that will be mega hard!

Anyway, i'm in the UK, I have a ginger tom thats a long haired thing, he's now in double figures age wise and has reached the slowing down time in his life where he spends most of the day catching his ZZZZzzzzzs on the sofa!

I also used to be a cat breeder many moons ago and thinking about two of my old cats (who were rehomed against my will) I (as said above) managed to stumble onto this site.

Well, i look forward to taking part in this forum, i love cats, i've had them all my life and despite now only having just the one, i recognise that all cats are special!
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