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Hi from Minnesota

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I mostly came here looking for breed information on my bizarre looking cat. Maybe he isn't a breed, just an odd mixture. I have never seen another cat like him. This forum looks like it could help me with every possible question I may ever have regarding my cat. Amazing!
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welcome! we love pictures :)
I posted another thread in here with pictures! Hopefully that is approved and up soon! :) thank you!
I'm from Minnesota too! I live Central MN in between St Cloud and Alexandra. How about you?
Thanks, here is a album of photos of him

Bandit - Imgur

Ill try and post a thread about it into breed info soon! I made another intro post but it doesn't seem to have gone through. Hmmm. let me know what you think of him!
Bandit was the name of my first dog that I loved SOO much. I might have to reuse that name if we get another cat!

Your cat is GEORGIOUS! Love the bright green eyes and the subdued stripes. If I had to guess I would say he is a mix. American short haired tabby with a bit of calico (which is why his stripes are broken)? Very pretty kitty for sure.
I didn't get to name him, though I am glad he has such a great name! I love it too. Some other cat forum readers labeled his coloration as a Black Smoke Tabby. I have never seen a cat like him. He is a sweetheart too. Thanks for the compliments!
hi, i'm a newbie too! your boy is absolutely GORGEOUS. i've never seen a cat like him, either! curious to see if anyone has ideas as to what sort of cat he is. i don't have a cat currently & would love to adopt a kitty friend as beautiful as Bandit!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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