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My family has recently adopted a cat of about 9-10 months and I am constantly worried about his happiness and well being so I am here to read and seek advice from wiser cat owners :)

Things I am worried about:

1. feeding him enough - he is SUPER food motivated and always meows for more

2. is he happy being an only cat / indoor cat - he was always kept indoors at the rescue / his fosterer's house, but he grew up surrounded by cats so I worry that he is lonely

3. is he bored - I work from home and my retired parents play with him now and then (my dad who doesn't particularly like animals is now his biggest fan), but none of us have the energy to keep up with him and recently he seems to have lost interest in all of his favorite toys. I just found a 'nanobug' (battery operated grasshopper-size toy that runs around), hopefully it will arrive soon and he will take kindly to it!

He is sitting expectantly in front of the kitchen door as I type.. T minus one hour to dinner time
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