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I am here to learn more about how to enrich my cat's lives. We claim 2. Both came to us. We have never sought out a cat, they just seem to find us. Sadly we live in an area where people dump animals. I try to rehome as many as I can. Some are easier than others.

Right now we have about 13 cats inside and maybe 8 outside?

The outside cats are mostly either feral or strays. But we have a few that tamed down but due to, well too much to explain, we were unable to rehome them as young kittens. We started feeding the strays when our old inside cat refused to stay inside. (many years ago) We've had some fixed but it seems like every time we do that one vanishes within a year and others take its place.

OK so 4 cats inside and the rest are kittens. Our 2 are "Sapphire the Princess Pirate" and "Trouble." Sapphire showed up all alone trotting across our large yard. She was a tiny kitten and she was injured. After 2 weeks of trying to save her eye without success, it had to be removed, she barely weighed 1 lb when they did the surgery.. She also has a hook tail. Hence the long moniker.

Trouble we hand raised from a tiny kitten too. When we rehomed the rest of her litter we just couldn't give her up.

We took in a pregnant cat that showed up a few weeks before she delivered. I was afraid to leave her outside because we live in the country and some feral kittens were killed by something last year. Just couldn't risk it. I am guessing that someone dumped her when they discovered her condition. She ended up developing an infection from a bite or something that cost a fortune to fix. Everyone said we were crazy to spend money on a stray, but I couldn't find any no-kill shelters nearby and I couldn't let her die. (She spent a week at the vets) We call her Mama because even as bad of shape as she was in, as much pain as she had to be in, she tried to nurse her kittens.

The other cat - the reason I haven't been to sleep is one we found about 2 weeks ago. She was in the road wandering aimlessly. She looked half starved and was very dehydrated. Her head was stuck in a small Doritos bad. Not sure how long she been like that. She was also very pregnant. I simply couldn't leave her. She decided to start having her kittens overnight and I have been up all night. I've tried to find her owners without success.

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