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Hi there!

I joined this forum because it had such helpful advice in the past for me just on browsing, and now I'm looking to get some advice or hear personal experience from anyone who's had a cat with toxoplasmosis!

My cat is about two years old. I adopted him almost exactly one year ago when he was around one, so I don't know what his history was as a kitten. He's a small guy who's only 9 pounds at his biggest, and he has had a neurological quirk since I got him - this only ever happens when he's dozing off to sleep, but he has had very noticeable full-body tremors and trembling that has seemed to have gotten a bit worse in the last few months, but were always present. Since I've had him, the vet assumed it was a type of epilepsy that we wouldn't need to treat unless it resulted in a full seizure.

However, on the lsat appointment, the vet noticed some eye lesions. Again, she wondered if it was from an illness as a kitten that stunted his growth a bit and left some neurological quirks, like kitty parvo.

However, once she saw those, she suspected that his tremors could very possibly be a Toxoplasmosis infection, and she put him on a run of antibiotics to at least test the theory. Turns out, after a week, the tremors had significantly diminished, and 3 weeks in, they're entirely gone!

I joined to jump into the health chat and ask if anyone has had a cat recover from toxo, and whether there were any longterm complications. I'm worried he might have immune issues if he wasn't able to contain the parasite, as it seems like most cats get a small fever and then never have an issue again.

Looking forward to chatting with you all. Thank you!
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