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I grew up with dogs and cats most of my life, my mother and I lived on a farm in NM. Never felt comfortable unless there was a four legged friend by me. Recently, my sister in law gave us her cat since they moved into a condo and couldn't afford the pet fees there.

Of course I accepted, after two hours of me trying to catch her as gently as possible, I had to use a broom to gently convince her to get out from under the bed. As I put her in the kennel, my elbow hit the door and smashed her tail :cry:. She doesn't like me, hissed at me the whole way home. Let her out when we got home, she picked our closet in our room for her hide-out. I gave her time to calm down, two days, but she is pooping on herself, hissing when we need to get clothes (and yes, she does have claws). She isn't eating or drinking (not that we can tell) even though we moved the water and food in front of her. Its the same food from her house.

We also have a cat and a dog, the cat is protective of the house and while she knows the new cat is in the closet, I think she doesn't care as long as she stays there. My dog couldn't care less about the cat, but I think this new cat is terrified of the dog and the cat since she was an only pet for her whole life.

How can I make her more comfortable?

I have two toddlers and I am scared they will try to play with her. She will bite and scratch.

How can I let her know I won't hurt her?

Should I keep her in the room by herself, or force her into the living room so she can be around us?

If my cat and the new cat fight, should I just let them go at it and establish dominance, or not?

I don't think I am supposed to ask questions in the newbie forum, but I don't want this cat to starve herself out of fear.

Please help me make this cat a part of our family, I don't want her to be uprooted again. That will only traumatize her more. Cats are so independent, and in my opinion, very hard to change their ways.
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