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I live in the US and have a very sick kitty.

I have a 22 month old, 12 lb Maine **** mixed male cat that was treated last Sunday with 1 ml amoxicillin for a bladder infection. He had a temp of 103 degrees. On Monday and Tuesday he seemed a little bit better, but started acting strangely Tuesday night with stiffening and licking and acting afraid for a couple of minutes at a time. Wed. morning he continued the behavior and had a full blown grand mal seizure at 8 am. He was not given the amoxicillin on Wednesday morning. We rushed him to the vet (a different one as the 1st vet was away). He sedated him, did blood work and found no abnormalities. He kept him for observations. When the cat started to come out of the anesthesia, he began shaking so hard he make the cage vibrate. He was then given diazapam.

They were unable to get a urine sample to check the status of the bladder infection so the cat was sent home with instructions to start him on phenobarbital in the am - 1 pill in the morning and one at night. Amoxicillin was discontinued. The cat had a mild seizure with twitching and slight shaking around 10 pm. I called the vet and was instructed to give him 1 phenobarbital and then another in the am which I did.

I was able to obtain a urine sample Wed. night and took it back to the vet on Thursday morning. There was bacteria and blood in the sample. The vet put him on Orbax 1 ml each day.

The kitty was given another phenobarbital on Thursday night and again this morning. He has continued to have mild seizures throughout today. His mouth twitches and drools, he stiffens, is very afraid, and trembles like a chihuahua. This lasts for about a minute.

This evening the vet asked me to increase his phenobarbital to 1-1/2 pills in the am and 1 tomorrow night and to continue that regiment for the next 48 hours. He just does not know what is going on with this kitty. His next step is to send him a cat neurologist for a MRI. There is no way we can afford this type of treatment if a cat MRI is as expensive as a humans. We do not have pet insurance.

Do you have any advice as to what can be happening.

The cat is currently on Science Diet CD canned food.
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