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Hi! Im Happycat (real name is Kate) I have 4 cats that I love so much! 2 passed away :(
My cats:
The first cats I ever had were Princess and Lisa. (princess was my sisters cat and Lisa was my other sisters cat. I was a baby) Then we found Maggie (my cat) We found her Mississippi and her full name is Magnolia (state flower of Mississippi) Princess got hit by a car a long time after though :( THEN maggie had kittens and we gave them away a while after and then she had kittens again and we kept one (named Oreo!) Then we found a stray cat (already old) We named Peter. He always stayed at/next to our house. We fed him and took him in when it was rainy or cold. Peter passed away from old age after more then 2 years staying next to our house. THEN about a year or two ago we got a friend for Oreo,Emmy! She is ALWAYS running and playing.

Hah didnt mean to make it my cats life story XD cats are my favorite animal! I could go on forever talking about my cats o_o Well thats me!...or more of them.
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