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Hello all!
My name is Jennie and I'm a 21-year-old college student in Arizona. I am the proud owner of two male 13-year-old black Maine Coon mixes that I've had since they were kittens. They're almost identical in appearance but their personalities are very different; but I love both Sweetie and Shnookums equally.

I came to this site because I need help. I adore both cats but thanks to Shnookums' new "inappropriate urinating" I'm at my wits end! I've read tons of info about it but none of it seems to pertain to my (or rather Shnookums') unique situation. This is a bit of a long story but I'd appreciate if you actually read it before commenting!

I moved into a new condo over the summer with both of my cats and everything was going fine until about 2 months after school started and I had to be gone most of the day. It got pretty bad. I called the vet, took him in and they said he was fine--no UTI! Well I scrubbed every spot he peed in, washed, bleached and did everything right...and it stopped...for awhile.
See, I went home (45 minutes away) for my extended month-long winter break and took the cats with me. Sometimes I would have to be away for 2 days and yet no accidents!
Fast forward to today. First day of the new semester; I was getting ready to leave for class when all of the sudden I look over and Shnookums is "covering up" the blanket I had just put down for him; he had peed while I was right there! I don't know if he knew I was leaving or what but it was not good.

I need advice! I have no problem getting rid of the urine stains/smells (although it's a hassle); but it's expensive and pretty annoying when I come home and he peed again. I've gotten him toys, I leave the blinds up for him, I do everything I can think of! HELP!


(PS I'm thinking of getting a big vinyl shower curtain to put over my bed when I'm gone; that way even if he does pee it won't wreck my comforter again!)

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Welcome, Jennie.

Black cats rule!

I think I'd shut my bedroom door while I was away to keep Schnookums out while trying to figure this out.
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