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I live with my partner's family and we have two beautiful cats that I adore, Goatee (a mix of everything! approx 15yo) and Liddy (Ragdoll, almost 3yo). Liddy has grown to adore Goat, however the feeling is not quite mutual as Goat likes to keep his personal space to himself most of the time and Liddy is constantly demanding of attention.

Occasionally Goat may give a bit of a nip if he's not happy about being picked up or patted in a certain way, but Liddy is always very gentle and wouldn't think of hurting anyone/anything.

Recently we got the wonderful news that my partner's older sister is pregnant and is moving back home, and bringing her lovely cat Max (another mix, not sure of age but older than 10 at a guess). Max is very well mannered, loves attention but doesn't need it, won't eat tidbits only his cat biscuits and doesn't like to stray far from home. I should mention also he is a very big cat, quite muscular, whereas Goat can seem a little frail in his old age and Liddy is just all fluff!

Max arrived a couple of days ago, and we have since managed to introduce him to Goat, who doesn't seem to like him, but tolerates him. They've only had probably 4 hours in total together in the house and have come face to face twice, - where Goat made a point of hissing and growling and Max just ran away.

I think the more time they spend in each other's company the better they will get along. The main issue is introducing Liddy to Max. When we tried facilitating an introduction, Liddy started of with a soft cry, which quickly turned into very loud screaming until Max hissed and dived under the bed. They accidentally met yesterday when Liddy snuck in behind one of us and both cats ended up under the bed with Liddy screaming and hissing until we got a broom under the bed. In the commotion Liddy swiped and just got my arm, which I presumed was an accident at the time. Today he got into Max's room again whilst I was grabbing some food for all the cats and it was a similar story except once Liddy was out of the room he purposefully swiped at my foot and hasn't sought my company since (reasonably unusual). Max is still hiding under the bed some hours later though he seems happy there.

Is it possible to introduce them so that they will get along? I really don't know what to do. My partner's mum has got the vet to order Liddy some Prozac, but I don't think this is the way to go. I think the hormone diffusers are ruled out also as the vet couldn't guarantee they were okay for my partner's pregnant sister. It's really upsetting having to lock at least one cat away in a room at all times and to see them change temperament so quickly. :-(

Apologies if this isn't in the right forum folder! And a second apology for such a long post!

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