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I am new here, and joined for advice about some kittens I am looking after for a neighbour while she is on holiday. I also own my own cats - all of them are rescues of one type or another - Oliver is 9 years old and came from the local cat rescue, Alfie is 7 years old and came from a pregnant stray we took in, Flo is Alfie's sister and Sweep came to live with us as his owners moved abroad and as he is elderly they didn't want to make him endure the big move, he is now 15. BB, mum of Alfie and Flo, lives with my mother in law, and her other kittens all live locally. We also have 3 dogs, all rescues.

I am currently looking after a mother and two 5 day old kittens who were born by c-section. The owner is my neighbour but I have been helping as much as I can. The mum has really struggled due to all the stress she has had to endure but has been great, she had no milk even after two oxytocin injections but has been looking after all their other needs. My neighbour has been handfeeding the babies, and I am now doing that while she is away on holiday for a week. I'm hoping to ask for some advice about that!

Anyway, hope to be able to post my questions soon! :)

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