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I tried to post once explaining the situation I am in but it didn't work. Maybe the post was too long? Not sure.

Anyway, I am new to cat forums and new to cat parenting.
I have had my Chihuahua, Tequila since he was 4 months old. He will be 5 in February (the 17th) Last year my fiancee (Marlon) and I adopted a sprite ferret, Kahlua and a few months after we adopted a gib ferret, Mojito. The four of us moved into a one bedroom basement apartment in the summer. (No offence to anyone) but my fiancee and I arent really cat people (for me, i dont have a problem with them but they arent my favorite). We just don't get them and they dont get us.

All of that changed when we found a cat living in the back of our apartment, like i said its basement level- it also backs up to woods and a lake and its private and safe. Anyway, I actually noticed him first when I was taking Tequila out but he ignored us and I ignored him, Tequila was interested but the cat sauntered off. I thought that was nice of him because Tequila can be super annoying and has gotten swatted by many annoyed strays in his past, so I guess that was the first thing that made me really notice this cat.

I used to work for a cat refuge center (for strays and ferals) and I have no issues with cats as I said but since the cat I had growing up passed away, I have had no desire to have anther one. I liked to watch him though and one day I watched him fail 3x to catch the same squirrel, I felt bad and brought out a can of cat food out from the stuff I was going to donate to the shelter. It took a while but he warmed up to me and eventually my fiancee as well (though he still seems to be afraid of him a little, he is more skiddish around all men) He, Sailor Jerry (Aka Jer or Jercat) is the reason I joined because I want to post our whole little past and see if anyone can help me figure out how to work this out.
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