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My name is Julie and I live on the Isle of Wight, UK. I have 3 kitties. Hartley ( an apricot point siamese) Scampie ( a seal point) a Lilly (black and white like a cow! LOL) Hartley and Scampie came from a pedigree cat rescue centre here on the IOW. They are the same age but not related. They are very quiet for Siamese but also very needy of attention (I never have an empty lap!) Lilly came from the RSPCA. She is not the brightest of cats but very loving. She has a nasty habbit of jumping on your back when you least expect it and like to sit on you when your in the loo (like I said, she not the brightest!).

As I have no children of my own, these 3 are my babies and I dote on them. They keep my family in stiches most of the time with their highjinks.

I am 33, an Intensive care nurse, and married to charles, who is a psychiatric nurse. We have a 16 year old Step daughter, Lottie.

I inherited my love of felines from my Mum, who has 2 Burmese cats, DelBoy and Cocoa.

I am delighted that this forum exists! and look forward to hearing from you all.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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