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Hi newby here

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Hi, my name is Vik. We have 3 cats, Spike ( boy Siamese) Rush(big boy black&white 18+lbs) and Reagan(grey girl) and 2 ferrets, Puka and Lani. We live in the Portland/Salem OR area.
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2nd post

Hi, this is my 2nd post as a new member!!
3rd post

Hi, 3rd post!! As I said, we have 3cats,2ferretts and live in Oregon. We are also Corvette "nuts" and belong to 2 clubs. Most of our summer and some spring and fall are attending car shows and "cruises" we also eat a lot!!ha ha
i am not real computer literate & so will have to get hubby to post pictures. Belong to and and they are a lot of fun and have a lot of info. Seems this forum is the same.:luv
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