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Hi There, I'm Joanna

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Hello all :)

Well i just recently adopted 2 kittens 10wks old from my Vet.. (I have 2 yorkies also) They were dropped off when they were about a week old and lived at the vets. They were bottle fed until they were old enough to be adopted out.
One male (Mojo) and one female (CoCo) brother and sister. They came with first shots, revolution, the whole complete care package plus! coupons to get them spayed and neutered..anyway... My question is this..

Since home.. Mojo has eaten ok..but CoCo..who is much smaller and tiny has barely eaten at all..Mojo is crazy kitty...he runs around and plays with my son..just full of energy.. CoCo..sits and watches.or sleeps. So I call the Vet today with my concerns..oh..they were sent home with Science Diet dry kitten food and some wet.. I've tried all combos with CoCo but she's just not eating..wet or dry. Well..the Vet informed me that the girl who was fostering them had been feeding them mostly chicken ?? She said maybe i want to try that -

Long story short - i boiled some plain chicken - gave her about a tablespoon full and she went nuts..she was purring and purring when she walked away from the bowl seeming satisfied and now she is asleep on my lap

I'm glad to see her eat finally but I'm sure they can't live on a diet of chicken?

Sorry so long, just looking for suggestions on how to get her back to kitten food

Thanks for your Time
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