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Hi. My name is Frank. I have one cat. Hope to have more. My one cat is 'Buddy' that I rescued from outside. When I got him he was all beaten up and scratched most likely by other cats. I took him to the vet and he was given Antibiotics for his wounds. He has made a complete recovery and has been with me for 3yrs.

Look forward to this forum.

Hello fellow cat people. Looking for some help on how to introduce two cats. I have read quite a few articles on how to do this and got a general feel that the procedure should be gradual and slow. Not immediate. Here are the backgrounds of my two cats.

Cat #1 – Exsiting cat or ‘E-cat’. He is about 4 yrs old and I have owned him for about 3 years. He is a small neutered male (10 lbs). He is an indoor cat.

Cat #2 – New cat or ‘N-cat’. He is probably about 1 and a half yrs old - male. Larger than the E-cat about 12 lbs. Comes from a friend who had found him about 8 months ago/tried to find a home for him. So he was an indoor/outdoor cat. Has had him vaccinated, neutered and tested for FIV. So based on this no health dangers to my E-cat.
Wanted a second cat because my place is large enough to have another cat. Also get the feeling that my E-cat gets lonely because I work long hours. When I am home though the pleasure of a pet cat is wonderful. Thought of getting another to increase the level of joy for myself and for my E-cat. It has been over 1 month and I feel I am no closer to getting them to get along. The other day the confrontation was pretty violent. E-cat is no physical match for N-cat. E-cat was chased by N-cat pounced on/attacked could not offer any defense. Was flipped around by N-cat like a rag. Luckily I was able to break them up. After things settled I examined both cats and they were fine. I was scared because hair loss of my E-cat happened. My E-cat was also so terrified he pooed and peed during the encounters.

Here is a timeline of the events

· About a month or so ago brought home the N-cat into the basement which became the isolation area(IA). Feed him there. Litter box there. No contact with E-cat for 3 days. IA is large enough(I think). Perhaps 12ft by 30ft room area.
· On 4th day brought E-cat into IA. Both cats were aware of each other and saw each other. N-cat right away went for E-cat. Fight ensued. No defence by E-cat. E-cat at mercy of N-cat. E-cat tossed around by N-cat like a toy. Had to break them up.
· Started again from ZERO.
· Kept N-cat in IA for one week or so.
· During the week cats would play with each other under the door. Pawing back and forth.
· Sometime during this period put a string with ball on each end under the door so cats have a common play thing
· Sometime after a week made it a daily ritual to allow the N-cat to leave the IA for an hour or two and explore the rest of house while E-cat would be safely kept in closed door bedroom.
· I thought this technique would allow both cats to fully experience each others scent
· Would trade each others sleeping towel as a further means to expose each other to scents
· Got no negative reaction from either cat
· After about another week or so purchased some garden mesh and installed on doorway to IA
· For about a week cats could interact through meshed doorway. No apparent violence via the mesh. Both cats seem curious of each other. Occasional hiss between mesh but no charging at each other.
· During the mesh period continued the daily ritual of one hour or so per day of allowing N-cat to explore rest of house while E-cat was isolated.
· After a week into the mesh period during the night I was awoken by cats screaming. N-cat managed to escape through the mesh (at unsecured bottom). Ran downstairs to notice that N-cat was chasing E-cat. When I got the two into a corner E-cat was hunched down while N-cat was ready to pounce. E-cat could not provide any ‘defence’ evidence of E-cat fur around house.
· Examined both cats. Luckily no injuries.
· Back to ZERO again.
· Kept both cats totally separate for about one week.
· After one week continued with mesh and N-cat house time.
· After one week alternated each day mesh and IA door open about 2-3inches so cats could interact through gap/mesh.
· Observations did not reveal any aggression.
· This went on for about two weeks. Mesh-2 inch gap-House exploration.
· Fed both on either side of mesh/gap. No aggression.
· After this I decided to try introducing them again.
· Brought E-cat down to IA let him explore area while N-cat was kept away.
· Let E-cat explore a few minutes and then release N-cat into IA.
· Both cats see each other from a short distance then BANG!
· N-cat charges for E-cat. Battle ensues. E-cat no physical match for N-cat. Gets ‘flung and tossed’ by N-cat. Break up fight. E-cat pooed and peed as a result (see opening paragraphs). No injuries to cats.

What am I doing/did wrong? Please do not give me false sense of hope that they will eventually become best buddies and that it only takes more time – if anyone feels it won’t. I will accept all constructive criticism. If I have ruined any chance of harmony between the cats please let me know now what was it that I have done wrong? Am I looking at a case of two cats that will never get along? The N-cat is physically superior to the E-cat. Outweighs by 2-3 pounds. E-cat, as mentioned, cannot hold his own when the confrontation occurs. Gets tossed. No sizing up or staring contests. No growling rounds (except by the E-cat). Just always the N-cat going after the E-cat. Not sure if it is actual aggression though. By observation, the N-cat has a strong instinct to play, is very friendly towards me and non-destructive to house furnishings. Does he just want to play? I don’t hear any hissing/growling from N-cat only from E-cat. Very confusing. Could it be rough play by N-cat while E-cat wants nothing to do with it? My E-cat is probably suffering psychologically as well as physically. Not sure if I want or should go further with this. Don’t want to keep trying this at the expense of either cat.

Since the fight the other day, both cats are curious of each other again. Each knows the other is behind the door with N-cat pawing/swiping more under the door then the E-cat.

Please advise. And thank you all fellow cat lovers in advance.
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