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I am a new member. I have 2 cats that I recently rescued after not having had any cats for about 10 years! (I had a dog who ate kitties)
I began a new career at a Veterinary Hospital last year.
I currently have just one dog and 2 cats but have had: 4 cats, 3 dogs, a parrot, 3 parakeets, 2 chinchilla, 2 house rabbits, and 11 guinea pigs.
Financial complications have forced me to rehome all but one of the dogs and two cats.

I just found two 7 week old kittens in my garage on Sunday and found homes for them today when I took them to work with me!
Then, today when I came home I was outside weeding and heard more kitties crying...don't ya know I found two babies that are just opening thier eyes!
I hope to find a surrogate momma kitty for them. O r perhaps a logal group who can foster care them till they are old enough to adopt out.
Obviously, I have too many stray cats in my neighborhood that are just procreating like crazy!
Anyway, I hope to chat periodically with all of you !
Have a super day!
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