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Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing good. I missed posting here.
I had to put one of my kitties to sleep a while back - my little Tippy had cancer. It was/is VERY hard, as most of us know...
I adopted two more kitties, so I now have 4 babies. I will post pictures soon of my new additions: Grantolini + Minnie.
Grantolini was a feral cat for two years in my feral colony until she decided that she would constantly cross a very busy street to get cheeseburgers , milkshakes + fries from the Wendy's dumpster. As she had gradually started warming up to me, allowing me to pet her at feeding times, I decided that she would probably do quiete well as a house cat.
As far as her name goes, I actually thought she was a tomcat when I trapped her to have her TNR-ed (trap/neuter/return), but they informed me she was a girl, so from Grant she became Grantolini :)))
Minnie was also a kittie from the same feral colony, there is actually a picture of her here somewhere. She is FIV positive, but in very good shape...round to be more exact :). She would eat anything, so I have to keep her separated at feeding times especially from Frosty, Cheerio and Grantolini...

These are my updates...I hope to get up to speed on how everyone else is doing!
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