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Hi to all...I don't own a cat, but I'm looking to get my 1st.
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Welcome Moe
Thanks Chuck! I just picked up my cat tonight. He's is so nice...bigger than he looked in the photo...he's a rescue.
Congratulation on your new kitty! whats his name?
Congratulation on your new kitty! whats his name?
His name is Zoe :razz:...he's a nervous wreck.
That is awesome! Go to the "Meet my Kitty" topic and tell us all about him.
Glad you found your kitty. I'm just now in the process of trying to find a new kitten/cat. It seems to be hard this time of year. There are not that many that are being offered. Well as my son says, it is hard for ME to find a cat because I want another female Siamese (I've had Siamese cats since umm .. well a long time!).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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