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Hi! I'm new to the site.. 25 years old. My girlfriend and I live together with 2 cats: Chaya, 2yo tortie and Shandy, 10mo gray tabby. We love our cats, but are first-time owners so I joined this site to learn more about how to care for them the best we can :)
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Hi there, I'm new here too, I have 3 kitties, Basil, Keisha and Simon and they are quite a handful
Helooowwww and welcome to the forum! I'm a 20 year old with my fiance we have one cat, Pinky. Cats are easy to take care of and you have two starters :p Hope we can help you here!!!
Welcome! I am new myself. This is an awesome site. Nicest cat people around.
Welcome! I'm sure you'll find plenty of information here, and people are always very helpful.

I've always had animals but Layla was the first cat I've owned by myself and it's definitely been a learning experience. Most of the time it's a positive learning experience, lol.
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