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My google searches always seem to bring me to this site so I finally decided to register. I am Rocky and Lily's "sister" :), but I am the one who does all the researching and stuff.

Rocky is a black medium hair with gray on his stomache and tail :). He turned one on April 29th and was adopted at almost 7 months last November. He was very skinny (1.8 lbs) when we got him, but he is a picky eater and not a pushy cat so was probably missing out to the larger cats on food. He now weighs 9.6 lbs and has a beautiful coat :)!.

Lily turned one on June 5th, and is probably one of the loviest cats!, she loves to give kisses and jump on people. She was a petite 2 lbs when we got her but is now 10.3 but somehow still looks smaller than Rocky. Lily is a domestic shorthair, a black tabby with white bi color and a mustache :). She is also a very expensive little cat having racked up more than 600 dollars in vet bills. Turns out she was allergic to the litter and intolerant to grains :roll:.

They both eat Merrick before grain chicken and grammy's pot pie. They currently have diarrhea though (so hoping it is not the food!), they have been to the vet and are healthy besides the diarrhea (tested negative for anything). It is getting better though, and I just ordered them some probiotics so hopefully that will help. No Flagyl for those two though since Lily had a seizure on it (she was on it for awhile, until we realized it was a food allergy).

:kittyball , That was a bit too indepth.. :wiggle
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