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Quick and dirty...

Jake and Megumi, Pomona CA.

By some unforseen circumstances we have come into the possession of 1 young baby kitten. The other one did not survive and had to be put down.

I'm not a cat fan although I've had cats as a kid many many moons ago.

It needs to be fed milk i'm guessing so we are heading to the store to get forumula and bottles etc....

If anyone is in the Pomona CA area, please pm me/email me/reply to this thread and I'll happily give her to you.

We are going to try and save it and raise it... but know nothing about caring for a kitten and not sure if I have enough Karma built up over the years to pull this off.

Dogs, no problem, got 3 of them but they pretty much are on autopilot at their age.


I hope my lawfirm is kitten friendly and the kitten likes motorcycle rides cause we're going to work today.

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