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Hello, my name is Marie and I'm the happy owner of Tim.
I found Tim about 5 weeks ago straying near a main road, he was dirty and the end of his tail was hanging off! After a trip to the vet he came home with me and has settled in lovely! He's adorable especially his little tail! (The vet had to take most of it off)
Here are some pictures of our lovely kitty!
The day we brought him home ImageUploadedByPG Free1385716059.576202.jpg
Enjoying the last day with his tail
ImageUploadedByPG Free1385716091.951975.jpg

Cone :( ImageUploadedByPG Free1385716109.918360.jpg
Settling in
ImageUploadedByPG Free1385716137.569900.jpg
ImageUploadedByPG Free1385716153.302159.jpg
ImageUploadedByPG Free1385716175.403444.jpg ImageUploadedByPG Free1385716186.622973.jpg

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That poor baby! I am so glad he is safe and well with you. He looks so happy in his home, specially with that awesome cat tree. Welcome to the forum and thanks for the pictures. Tim is adorable!
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