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Hello, my name is Amanda, I have 2 cats, 1 just turned a year old and I just brought home a tiny baby kitten who I wish could have stayed with her mom longer but she was at the pound at just 6 weeks old with no info on her mom, just that the little babe came from the next state over and was healthy.​

The 1 year old is named Smokey Gouda because of all the cheeses my husband and I eat she will literally try and maul us over the smoked gouda cheese that is my husband's favorite. (of course she only gets a tiny bit and not very often, contrary to popular belief dairy is not your felines friend as I'm sure you all know)
We call her Key for short. So that means it's only fitting that our new little baby be named Lock, to be the Lock for our Key, we are still working out her full name, debating between Lockjaw (after the dog from Marvel who is amazing) or Lock shock barrel (after those rascals from Nightmare before Christmas)
Let me know what you all think, which one do you think sounds better.​
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