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I may have mentioned this before,but Robin likes to hide. I'll come home,he'll be nowhere in sight. I'll go to some of his usual hiding spots,nothing. I'll call him,and start to hunt him and either I'll find him or he'll come out. Now there's the old tricks, opening a can,rattling a treat bag,tossing a jingle ball,but-WHY is he doing it? Is it a game of some kind? Does he just want his privacy?

He's not afraid of me,surely?
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Occasionally my cat will hide behind something in my closet. She loves to poke around in there since it's a long closet running the length of the bedroom connecting our his/her baths. I have books, boxes, baskets (with blankets in them), etc. Lots of places to hide behind or perch on. Or she'll curl up behind the futon in the computer room. Or behind the end table. She isn't afraid really, she's just enjoying discovering a snug little place. She will curl up behind the futon sometimes when unsure about something, to make her feel more secure and protected (my sister's dog came in one day last week and she disappeared and I found her back there).
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