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Hello again everyone,

My 17 week old bengal has come down with a bit of a skin problem.

yesterday evening he was having a cuddly purr-purr moment (this bengal
is so crazy and active he only sits down to be pet once or twice a day)

during this moment of calm cuteness, we noticed a scale like patch on the rear of his right hind leg (on the "thigh area") this patch extended to the outer side of his thigh as well

the main body of the patch was on the rear of the thigh, this part was obviously red, and somewhat bumpy/scaly, it was rectulanger in shape. his hair seemed thinner in this area. the portion extending to his outer thigh was obscured by his coat, so i could not tell the shape or the color, but it felt the same...

i noticed him itching/licking this area, so i assume it was itching him.

after doing some reading on this forum im wondering if it could be a food allergy.

earlier in the day i fed him his usual wellness kitten formula (wet)
and i fed the older cats wellness Salmon and Trout variety (wet)
now hanzo (the bengal) always likes to sample the older kitties food, and i usually let him after he has eaten most of his.
but this time i was not able to watch them eat, so he may have eaten alot more of the adult food than normal.

out of all the flavors, i rarely feed them salmon and trout. i MAY have fed them this flavor ONCE perhaps Twice before....
a few hours after feeding them, my female cat shadow threw up the entire salmon and trout dinner i fed her.
My older male cat issac had no reaction (but then again he only eats a little bit of wet food maybe 1/4 a can in one sitting)

they also had a little of wellness 5 dry food during the day.

later that evening is when we first noticed the patch on hanzo's leg.

my question is, what do you think the chances are that its the "salmon and trout" variety of cat food that is causing this reaction?
the redness, itching and scaleing/bumps would have to arisen in a matter of hours.

i would hate for this to be a chronic condition for hanzo, if its the salmon and trout it would be very simple to correct the problem, but if its something like chicken or beef then im in a bit of a pickle.

my GF took him to the vet today and we are awaiting fungal culture results.
(tho the vet said it does not look like ringworm)
5 days is a long time to wait just to rule out 1 possibility, so i turn to the catforum for support and 2nd opnions :)


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At only 17 weeks old, this guy's problem is unlikely to be a food allergy. Food allergies tend to develop to things they eat a lot of for long periods of time. However, I would avoid the fish flavors, just in case, since they tend to be problematic for a lot of cats and fish is a very common allergen.

In this area, eosinophilic granuloma is a possibility. This is an auto-immune disease, also rare this young. Did the vet do a skin scraping to check for mites and white blood cells?

Getting a correct diagnosis is essential to keep this kitty healthy for life!

Dr. Jean
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