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George (same cat I wrote about earlier) developed hip dysplasia in both hips nearly a year ago. He had surgery to correct this on both legs at the same time and things are fine now. He runs, jumps and plays like nothing ever happened.

My question is this...shortly after this occurred my dad told me it could possibly be due to the fact that we let the cats gain weight too quickly (BIG cats, 14-pound adults). On one of our recent vet visits one of the vets told us there is some new research studying the effects of spaying/neutering a cat too early in life.

Both of our cats were neutered at approximately 3 months of age but we were told that they weighed enough to be able to have the surgery. They were approximately 2 pounds each at the time.

Does anyone know of new guidelines to go by as far as knowing the right age to "fix" a cat. The dysplasia only happened to George. Herbie is almost exactly the same size and nothing like this has happened to him.

Oh yeah...should we be worried about early onset of arthritis in George. Like I said, he's doing great now (2-1/2 years old) but are there any telltale signs or warning signals that could come earlier than expected because of the hip dysplasia.
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