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Holding kitties by their "scruff"

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do you guys try picking up your cat by the scruff? I never tried before last weekend because it looks like it hurts my cat but when I was at the shelter, they claim that it soothes cats since it's how their mothers carried them.

so this weekend I tried it and almost immediately sherlock started closing her eyes. it was adorable! I tried picking her up but I think she was too heavy so all I could lift was a little bit before I was scared I was hurting her and let go.
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Actually it wouldn't hurt them if you held them up at the scruff if you had another hand under their buttocks to support their belly weight. It can be comfortable if you did it that way, and it soothes them to an extent they don't wiggle too much (especially if you're taking them to the shower!)
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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