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Can someone help.

We have a 3 year old cat / male, who has always been very good with his habits and would always go outside when he require.

We have just moved house, and this has all changed. Have been in the new house for 1 month now, and although he seems to be settled in, he rarely will go outside.

Often have to pick him up and carry him out.

His biggest problem is he urinates in the house now, and we need to teach him to go outside again.

Have made a small box for him , but will not use it.

Any suggestions please.

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It's best that he stays inside. Pick up any paper he has urinated on and put it in the litter box. Also try different litters, and make sure the box is in a private place. If all else fails, contain him in a small bathroom with only room fpr a pillow, water, and a litter box at night. That is somewhat like putting a dog on a short lead. Most animals won't soil their beds.

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I agree--don't make him go outside. There is way too many bad things that can happen to cats outside. I would get a bigger litterbox and try to get him to use it. I would confine him to one room with the litterbox until he catches on.
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