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Ok so i used a calculator that Auntie Crazy sent me, and it says i need 4.92 oz. of meat, skin, etc. 0.62 oz of edible bone, 0.31 oz. of liver, and 0.31 of other organs. I understand that for most of these all you do is cut them into chunks and weigh them...but how the heck do i do that for bones!? Like am i seriously supposed to find bones in the food and weigh them all out? That would be WAY too much of a hassle. Advice?


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Vhrocks, I just sent you a message with this info, but I'll post it here just in case someone else has the same question:) is a search engine that you can use to help find the bone percentages in differant cuts of meat. Since some people get really lost when trying to use this (including me at first!) to find bone amounts, I'll do an example of how to do a search.

  1. Go to the site, and pick what you want to search for. In this case, I'm going to search for quail.
  2. Type "Quail" into the keywords box, and press enter
  3. It will give you a list of differant options. You want to pick one that has the information for the meat when it is raw. So, I'm going to pick "Quail, meat and skin, raw". Press submit.
  4. Pick "1 Quail" and press submit
  5. On to the top of the page it lists the amount of refuse. The refuse is typically bone, but it will specify what it is. For quail, it says that it is 10% bone (aka refuse).
To help you not have to do a whole ton of searches on there, below is a list of bone percentages for some differant types of chicken and cuts of chicken.

Broiler or Fryer whole, meat and skin and giblets and neck: 31%

back, meat and skin: 44%
breast, meat and skin: 20%
drumstick, meat and skin: 33%
thigh, meat and skin: 21%
leg, meat and skin: 27%
neck, meat and skin: 36%
neck, meat only: 75%
wing, meat and skin: 46%
wing, meat only: 68%

Capon: 27%
Cornish Hen: 39% no neck/giblets
Roaster: 27%
Stewing: 32% ( 27% bone, 5% separable fat)

I hope this helps:)

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You could also copy off the menu thread and then adjust up or down as needed. In fact, you'll probably have to do some adjusting after you start anyway.

I have six cats ranging in weight from just under 9 pounds to just over 11. Most of the cats do perfectly fine on one chicken wing twice a week (Mondays and Saturdays) and the rib-bones from an average-sized chicken breast once a week (Wednesday). The smallest cat just gets the smallest pieces.

And by chicken wing, I mean the wing-tip and the middle pieces, not the drummette (or thickest piece).

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