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(sorry about the venting throughout this post. I did not intend to go into such off topic details but it just came out that way. I hope this isn't a problem...)

Hey all,
::sigh:: I got my male cat as a kitten almost a year ago. I have been living with my father since I've had him and up until a couple months ago he's been "my" cat. He's my little baby and it really hurts to see him taking more of a liking to my father than to me. Now, it's not really what it seems and it's not about winning him over or something like that. You must understand that he's usually been by my side all of the time that I'm at home up until a couple months ago. I'm just so deeply upset about the whole situation.

(off topic but relative)Also, one thing that really adds frustration to this is that my father has a female dog who he pays hardly any attention to. Just a few weeks ago I was the one who had to take his dog to the vet due to her terrible condition because he just waited and waited. She has multiple open sores on her back, an abcess in her ear, as well as pretty serious heart condition. This is an indoor dog and he only takes her outside once a day TOPS! I usually take her out myself because he's just too lazy or doesn't care enough to take her out more than one time a day. It's to the point where he'll put newspapers down inside instead of taking his dog out just in case, I guess. Urg... Oh, and the dog would never be clean if I didn't give her a bath because it's extremely rare that he would.

Anyway, back on topic... Believe me, I pay plenty attention to my cat(and now my father's dog) and it just doesn't make sense why my cat would prefer to be with him now as opposed to me. Of course my cat wouldn't know this but I buy all of the food and any other accessories to meet my cat's needs. Also, it's not at all uncommon for me to have to get food for his dog as well. The only thing I can think of, which is actually probably most of the reason, is that he'll buy cat treats to give to my cat. I find it extremely odd that he tries to sneak the treats to him. The reason I know this is because I've walked into the room with my father and my cat sitting there and he tries to put the treats up real quick! What in the world is wrong with this picture?!?!?!?!

There's is quite a bit more I could go into but I'm happy to get this out right now. And, please forgive me for venting on this forum... The real issue and question is, from what I've told you above, is this enough for a cat to switch their primary companions? Could there be something I don't know about or what? Any ideas or thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.
Thanks all.

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It sounds to me as if your dad has warmed up to your cat and is a bit embarassed about it. I think cats often make up to people who don't like cats, and win them over. I feel bad that he is neglecting his dog, however. But embarassment is the only reason i can think of that he is hiding the treats-especially if he was never a cat lover before.

You're the lucky one. You have two animals who love you. I understand why you feel bad about it, however. I had a cat who really disliked me, but loved my sons! Since she was not my special "baby," I thought it was funny-because she was such a gold digger! This is different. Take him too bed with you at night. Cats like to sleep with their parent. Maybe that will help.
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