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How do i get my kittens to stop suckling from mum?

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Mum is pregnant again, kittens are 4months old. I was told that I have to stop the kittens from suckling mum because she needs all the nutrients she can get but every time I turn my back they're at it again.

Any ideas?
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What kind of food are you feeding them? You may want to try softening it until they get used to it better, if you already haven't. What I had to do when my dog's puppies were ready to wean, was just keep them seperated. I know it's harder with cats, cause the little stinkers and jump over everything! I've also heard of buying the same thing people use when they don't want their small house dogs to mark everything and putting it around the mom's belly. It looks alot like a sleeve with velcro. sweet! I would try the wrap. You get it at petstores and like I said, it's meant to keep male dogs from marking their territory, but it can help cover up her ****. They come in all sizes, I would get one that's made for a toy dog though.
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1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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