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Hello! I joined this group to ask this specific question, and what better place than here?!!

So me and my bf have been dating for 5 years, and we both have a cat. I actually lived with him for 4 of those five years, and I'm quite close to his cat Booberts (or Boo Boo kitty), who is around 10 years old. My cat, Sheba, is 16 years old, and I didn't live with her while I went to community college. Its actually quite sad, but while I was gone my other childhood cat passed away from liver failure at the age of 16 (RIP MERLIN, MOMMY LOVES YOU). I was very upset by this and vowed to never leave my cats again. I ended up moving back in with my parents six months ago, but its so difficult living away from my boyfriend. Now we plan on renting an apartment in a few months, and I am NOT leaving Sheba to experience her old age without me. The problem is, Sheba is an elderly cat. She doesn't have any major health issues, but she does have arthritis, and a bit of dementia ( she also has a habit of peeing on my things). We have moved 3 times with her, and each time she has had extreme anxiety (to the point of it becoming a severe health issue). How do I make the transition easy for her? Also, I should mention she's an indoor/outdoor cat, Boo is an indoor cat, so she would become an indoor cat only.

As well as the problem of moving, my boyfriends cat goes into deep depressions even when my boyfriend is gone for 1 night. Obviously my boyfriend would bring his cat with him, but Boo has never moved in his entire life. Hes a very timid guy, and he actually get urinary crystals when stressed out, the poor thing. How do I go about introducing them without causing health issues? So far my plan is to let Sheba have the living room for awhile, and let Boo have the bedroom.

My dream is that before Sheba passes away, that she gets to have a nice relationship with her step brother Boo, and that we can all be a big happy family. She was very close with her brother Merlin, and I cant help but think she is lonely without a brother or sister. Sometimes I think she is looking for him, not remembering that he's passed on.
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