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Kitties are mysterious and aloof – they don’t wear their heart on their sleeve like dogs do, so their owners often wonder if their pet actually loves them. While some cats might not be as cuddly as affectionate as you’d like them to be, that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you. Cats communicate their feelings a bit differently – here are the signs your cat loves you that you might’ve been missing on.

Your Cat Grooms You

If your pet is often licking your hands, face, legs, or hair – it’s their way of saying they love you. By grooming you, they recreate what their mother did for them when they were just a kitten, and form a strong bond with their human. Grooming is something reserved only for close friends of felines – so if your kitty is licking you, they definitely think you are special! And what could be a bigger honor?

Purring and Kneading

Cats are stingy with their purrs – so if they are purring when they sit in your lap or when cuddling, you can rest assured that they are happy as a clam. Purring is like your cat is smiling, and nothing says love like a big smile! Another common sign of feline love is their kneading, or so called “making biscuits”. There are many theories why cats knead when they are adults (as babies, they do this when nursing) but all experts agree on one thing – it’s a friendly sign of affection. Your kitty considers you family and they want to show it!

Kitty Brings You “Gifts”

You might be shocked to see a dead bird or mice at your doorstep, but it’s just your pet’s way of treating you to what they consider to be a token of affection. Leaving their prey at the home they share with you means that they feel safe and comfortable, and that’s thanks to you. The ultimate

Eye Contact & Blinking

Direct eye contact is not something that comes easily to cats, as sustained eye contact is a way for a cat to establish dominance, so a staring contest might seem like you’re trying to tell them who is the boss. However, if your cat stares at you and slowly blinks, that’s something different altogether. These are called “kitty kisses” and translate to blowing kisses – or at least, that’s what most cat owners like to think and experts seem to agree.

Showing Belly

Cats don’t just show their bellies to anyone – it means they have complete trust in you and can expose their most vulnerable part of the body. Sure, they might grab you with claws if you try to go in for a belly rub, but it’s not because they’ve changed their mind, it’s just their (quite painful) way of playing. Next time you see your kitty flashing their furry belly at you, rest assured that they love you more than anything in the world! (If you don’t count treats, that is.)

Photo credit: Kddesignphoto/Shutterstock