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Last February I visited our wonderful local cat rescue organization, Animalkind. They own a three-story building in Hudson, NY, a small city (8,000 people) in upstate New York.

I was thinking about adopting cat number 5, but wasn't sure. On the expansive second floor there were about 100 free-roaming friendly cats. I spent time with all the cats who rushed me, and then began to look a little further...I saw a small gray and white cat in a cage.

One of the caregivers, Tina, told me the cat was 12-year-old Grace. She was in the cage because she needed special coaxing to eat; also, she did not mix well with the others. This was Grace's story: she was brought to Hudson from New York City - 125 miles - because her owner said she needed financial help with spaying. That was in November. Grace was spayed, but her owner never came back....

She was small and thin. Tina said, "I'm worried about her. She's not eating. She seems depressed."

I didn't even have to think about it, I knew Grace was THE ONE. I went downstairs to start the adoption process, and because I'd often stopped in with donations, people there more or less knew me. My vet was in; they vouched for me over the phone. "You can take her home today," the director said and I was thrilled.

"But she will have to be an indoor only cat, you do understand that."

"Well, that's going to be really hard," I said. "I have a cat door and my four cats can go out any time."

"That is a problem then. She is too old, and she has never been out."

Just like that, I was turned down. I was crushed. Tears formed in my eyes. I was already attached.

They suggested other cats. They were all lovely. But I had my heart set on Grace.

I had a plan. I came back in two days, ostensibly to consider other cats, but really to spend time with Grace. I came back again later in the week. And again the next week. On that third visit, the director came up to the second floor and said "Well, we've changed our minds. If you still want her, you can take her home today."

They lent me a carrier. I was so happy. It was the start of a great relationship. Grace is so smart. Got with the program at my house right away. Was going outdoors - closely supervised - in a week. Within two weeks she had climbed her first tree. She chased her first chipmunk.
Didn't catch him.

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She's a beauty - and what a special person you are to have given a kitty like her a chance to have some love and new adventures in her old age! Awesome!

:) Fran
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