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Hello everyone at!

My name is Zackie. I am 20 years old and I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I have two cats, Katniss and Lulu. Katniss is the mother and Lulu's her daughter.

How I found them, you might wonder? Well, they were originally from my university campus. One day, a friend of mine, a "cativist" as she calls herself, took all the cats in my campus that needed help and sent them to the vet. What she did was absolutely amazing!

I decided to adopt a cat since I haven't had a cat in 9 YEARS! (My old cat died. RIP Tom). I saw this grey cat and fell in love with it. Mainly because she is the same colour as my old cat. I decided to adopt her, but the problem is...she has a 6-month old daughter. I don't wanna separate them, so I adopted them both! :D

So yeah, they've been in the family since September 2012. I love them so much. I've never been so obsessed. They're so cute and they make my life a little better.

Well, that's pretty much it, actually. I have a couple of questions to ask, so I hope all of you could respond. And please forgive me if I do anything wrong. A beginner here...haha! :D

Thank you for reading my introduction. Looking forward to make new friends here. CAT LOVERS UNITE! xD
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