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How in/dependent are your cats?

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My 2 are the most dependent cats on Earth. They need to be on me 24/7 or they mope around, looking more despondent and abandoned than when they were strays.
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Kind of in between. They always want to know where I am and what I'm doing but once they are certain it's not exciting and I'm not going anywhere they do their own thing... until I change my activity and then they have to investigate.
Ritz too is a stray (rescued when she was five months old), but she is somewhat independent. Lap and bed cat, but can't pick her up. I kind of wish she was more dependant.
Buckley was moved from the feral cat colony I take care of into a cattery (friend's spare room in her house) where he is being socialized to be placed into a Forever Home. While a nice enough cat, he was moody and didn't seek a lot of lovin' (though Fish Flakes helped him get over that to some degree). He escaped from the cattery; made it back to the colony two weeks later two miles away; was scruffed and moved back into the cattery (to keep Mystique company). He is a changed man--very affectionate, loves to be petted, seeks attention (and, yes, Fish Flakes).
Mystique was pregnant when trapped; after TNRing she was moved into the Cattery (mainly because she looked younger than she really is). Seven months later she is just now eating from our hands, although NOTHING startles or scares her. We can walk around, over her, but cannot touch her.
When Petey first appeared at the cat colony, he was inordinately friendly (I though 'he' was in heat, that's how friendly he was.) He was recently abandoned by his (in)human owner. So after TNRing, he too was moved into the Cattery. He remains affectionate, clingy, constant marking. And he is a bully to the other cats.

So, I think it really depends upon the cat, his age, his DNA so to speak, and his previous experience with humans.
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I hate walking into the bedroom to do something like turn on my alarm for the morning because as soon as I do I'll hear kitty claws clomping down the hall and I have to stop and do 5 minutes of cuddles/petting on the bed or they'll act rejected. Trip to the bathroom? When I get out they're staking out the door.

The only peace I get is when I'm being given the cold shoulder for a few hours after the monthly flea meds ordeal.
My 2 and 1 stray keep nudging me all day to massage their gums where the fangs are, and the lower lip where the fang rests. I do understand it must be itchy there with the friction of the fang all the time on the tender skin, but I'm fed up!!
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