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How many pet sitter visits?

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This may seem a bit lame, but I'd like some thoughts to help me decide.

I'm usually gone at work from 6 am to 4 pm. On a Friday I'll be going to work at my normal time of 6 AM, but will be gone until Saturday morning at about 11 am.

He eats 2x a day, only the canned that I give him.- no free feeding, though I'm okay leaving some dry out.

I can have a pet sitter ($20, which I'm okay with) come Friday evening a bit latter than I'm usually home, like 7 pm, and then again at 7 am sat (even though I'll be home at 11am. Or just Friday Evening, then Toby will just wait 'till I get home saturday at 11 am.

I'm not worried about him eating, just about him getting anxious . It would only be an additional 3 hours if I don't get the morning visit, but I think he'd like to see someone in the morning.

No neighbors or family available.
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Could your sitter come like an hour later on Friday night, and give him a little bit extra for his bedtime feed? I think you could probably get away with one visit....
I think one visit would be fine as well.
I agree with Fyrefly. If you can get them to spend a litte time on Friday night playing and interacting then one visit is enough.
One visit is also ideal if you consider the anxiety level of the cat. One of my cat runs and hides from strangers. Visits from the petsitter were more stressful than anything else in the beginning (until about 4 days in when he got used to her)...just food for thought!

I do agree with the others that 1 visit should be fine.
No anxiety at all around strangers.

Yeah,I like the idea of an extended stay Friday evening, Maybe a couple hours.

Thanks all
A pet sitter should stay atleast 1/2 hour. I usually do an hour and spend time with them. Have your sitter play with him. If he likes being brushed. That do. What ever makes him happy.
They say they stay 30-40 minutes. (how do we ever know? I don't have a house phone for them to call me from)

I'm thinking I'll pay for one long 1 1/2 hour visit friday night, as it now does seem silly to have then come saturday morning 3 hours before I get home
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