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How much food for all wet diet?

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We decided to take dry food out of my 8 yr. old male's diet (and also the 5 yr. old female, because they have access to each other's food). He was having litter box issues and I thought maybe he was having a hard time digesting the dry food. We also switched his wet food from By Nature to Natural Balance LID Duck and Green Pea. The littler box problems have gone away for almost a week, but both cats are always pestering me for food now that there is no dry food out to graze on through the day. I am usually home during the day so have been giving them a little in the morning, around noon, then again at our dinner time. They eat most of it up in one sitting (a little is usually left that they come back to later), but they are stalking me like they want more food. How much should I be feeding if its all wet food?
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Start with a can per cat each day. Monitor their weight and adjust up or down accordingly.
I give Mia a 5.5 ounce can a day wet and a 1/4 cup dry (which she doesnt always finish) a day.
Oh my, this is going to get expensive I think! Anyone know the best place to get a deal on the Natural Balance food?
The one 5.5 oz can per day is a recommendation for a cat that is around 10 lbs. You don't say what your cats weigh (and if that's a good weight for them), but this amount can vary significantly by each cat.
okay, i am still figuring out the totals on my canned because i just started this week.

the average is 30 cal. per lb.--but you have to adjust it just like you do calorie intake for humans.

15 year-old: 6.8, definitely don't want her to lose any, she isn't active so i'm calculating her at 22 per lb. that's 143, canned food is usually 90 cal. per 3 oz. can, so that's 1 1/2 cans for her plus a spoonful or two of baby food. if she starts to lose any, i'll add to it.

5 year-old: i think he's about 11.8 but he'd be fine @10.8. i gave him 26, he'll be the most @ approximately 3 cans a day. he might need a little less, but that should be fine for now.

2 year-old: he's 7.5 but he'd also be fine @ 7, that makes him 2.

dang. six cans a day. i might be rethinking this lol (or get a part-time job). that's a lot of canned food. hopefully i calculated high.

take into account the age of your cat, actual size, desired size. mine are 100% indoor cats. i'm also estimating lower because the younger two won't die if they lose some weight. there is no margin for error with diotima, but on her i can tell immediately if she starts to lose and i just give her more food.
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Both my cats (one 9 pounds, one 11 pounds) eat one 5.5 ounce can a day. And yes, it does get pricey but it's worth it for their health!
canned food is usually 90 cal. per 3 oz. can,
Not sure what food you're feeding but 90 cals for 3 oz is actually pretty low.You can do much better on price if you choose a food that comes in 12-13 cans since you're feeding 3...
Not sure what food you're feeding but 90 cals for 3 oz is actually pretty low.You can do much better on price if you choose a food that comes in 12-13 cans since you're feeding 3...
weruva. yeah, i saw some better deals with bigger cans, just not that particular food. it was wellness or nature's something or other (the brands have all run together in my head lol). the cats really love it but i think i need something in 13 oz. cans to fill in the blanks.

90 is low? really? i'm sure you're right, i can't really remember except i only looked at grain-free so would that make a difference?
Yeah Weruva is definitely a lower calorie food, but it also comes in 5.5 oz cans and 4 flavors come in 10 oz cans (I hear they're supposed to be adding more 10 oz flavors).

Wellness is more in the 220-230 calories for a 5.5 oz can, EVO is higher than that. Lots of others in that range, which is more typical.
thanks! :)

yeah if i buy in bulk and bigger cans it will make a pretty big difference. plus i get a discount if i sign up for monthly auto-order, i didn't do that because i haven't decided what i'd be ordering. some people are against buying cases, because then if they don't like it, you're stuck with a case. but these cats eat if they get hungry enough HAHA. (well, if that's all there is, that's all there is. if it's eat or go hungry, they choose to eat. no one has ever gone more than 8 hours without eating, even trying to hold out on me.)

i planned on trying wellness, i'm not crazy about the phosphorus levels in some of the EVO, it might just be the 95%, i can't remember now.

weruva is turning them into ravenous monsters LOL well that plus the fact that i moved their dishes off my bed for the first time in about four years. (which means they circle me and walk on me like vultures until i get out of bed--all cats do that but now they have to wait an extra TWO MINUTES and OH EM GEE they're going to starve!!!) i'm saving about $65 a month on litter and i'd rather spend it on food for them than the other end hee hee. i just don't want to be standing out on the sidewalk with a sign that says, "will work for CAT food" lol. i was more wrapped up in calculating how many calories each cat needs as opposed to the price.

unfortunately i ran out of food just as this stuff was delivered so it's all the cat food that's in the house until the next shipment arrives which could be thursday of next week. i would usually be feeding something like blue buf in the morning when they're really hungry, because they'll turn that down sometimes but not as first food of the day. it's even more expensive than this though.
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You might try Earthborn Holistic, they're chicken formula is similar to weruva in texture, it's shredded. Mine LOVE it. Unfortunately all their other flavors are fish, which I don't like to feed a lot of.
thanks! yeah, the weruva chicken is almost just exactly like the fancy feast appetizers (they come in a little plastic tray instead of a can) but they're like two bites (okay two BIG bites lol) for 1.39 on sale. i bought them just to see and yeah, they're great but nothing i would have bought constantly because of the price. okay so now you can buy them 1.00 @ from petsmart but they're only 2 oz. each. just not economical but it looks and smells the same as weruva.
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thanks doodlebug and siameseifuplz!

that's a big old difference in the 12.5 size!

i can do that no problem. $60 a month for cat food vs. $15 if you buy the cheapest there is seems like a small price to pay in preventive care. that's a small cable bill or a big phone bill lol.

of course i know people who think $150 a cat a year for routine check-ups is too much but it seems like the very least you can do.
Fancy Feast...sourced from "world suppliers" which very likely includes China. Ingredients are pet grade.

Weruva...manufactured in Thailand in a human food facility, which means all ingredients must be human grade. Thailand food regulations are on par with the US.
right, but the stupid thing is that the ff is usually 1.39 for 2 oz. and weruva is 1.08 3 oz. can, and the way i bought it wasn't even the cheapest way so you can get it for less. so the inferior food costs more.

i wouldn't have ever fed the appetizers to my cats for regular meals anyway. there's really no nutritional breakdown on it (or if there is, it's so small i can't read it) plus you can buy it at the grocery store so it doesn't make sense to me to spend so much money on grocery store food.
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