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How much should a kitten eat in a day??

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Sorry if this is posted somewhere, but I couldn't find it. I found the calories per lb for adult cats, but what about kittens? I have Mack who is 8 wks old and weighs 2 lbs 7 oz and Peanut is 5 wks and weighs 1 lb 11 oz. (She's gained 11 oz in the 2 wks we've had her, is that a good amount?) They both get fed canned food 3 times per week, unless I'm not home at lunch time, then its just 2 times per day, but that is rare. Then Peanut gets a bottle with KMR 2-3 times per day, drinking about 1 oz each feeding. They also have kibble out all the time, but don't go through a lot of it, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 cup every day or 2. I plan to just base the calories needed from the canned and the kibble is just an inbetween snack. Should I add Peanut's KMR in there too or just feed that as a suppliment to the canned so eventually she'll give up the milk? Which speaking of, do I have to wean her from the bottle or will she give it up on her own? At what age if I need to wean her?
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Anyone have any thoughts? I found one site that said 113 calories per lb until 20 wks then down to something like 59 calories per lb. So that would mean Peanut needs around 160 and Mack needs about 230?
I've always been told to just let kittens eat as much as they want, as they're growing and nothing will be "wasted". It's when they become adults (which isn't until a full year old) that you gotta slow down, especially if they start gaining too much weight.

cat food cans always say 2 cans per day for a 8lbs cat... and raw food is 3 or 4% of body weight.

I dunno about calories. If you're worried they're not getting enough, you could supplement meals with KMR. In fact, the director of the rescue group I volunteer for won't even let her kittens have water... the only liquid they get is KMR until they're 3 months old. Longer if they're too small and not growing (of course, she cares for infant orphans, rejected runts, and other high risk health-problem kitties)
I have always heard to let them eat as much as they want. On some cans of food feeding instructions show kittens eating more than adults.
I am definitely not planning to limit their intake, just wondering if they are getting enough. They have dry food free fed, but I don't like leaving canned food out for too long. I was just trying to figure out if I should be putting out more, but I gave Mack more tonight because he usually finishes his quite quickly but he ate about the same amount I usually give him and left the extra.

So how long do I keep feeding the KMR? Do I wait for her to decide to wean from the bottle or do I have to take her off it? (More info on this question in the 1st message)
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