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How to Get Drizzle to Stop Crying...

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Drizzle is a smart and sensitive little boy. If he believes someone he loves is behind a closed door - most of the time, my Mom, his Grammy - then he cries and cries and cries at that door so they'll open it up. It's a heart wrenching cry you can't ignore in the slightest, as if he's crying, "WHY?!?!" and you just want to hug him and make him feel all better. The problem is, he'll do it any time of night. From 3 AM to 7 AM to whenever, if he thinks someone is behind the door.

There are only two rooms this happens at, my Mom's bedroom door, and the Powder Room door downstairs, which my mom keeps her work clothes in usually, so it obviously smells of her to him. The powder room problem is simple; we just keep that door open a lot of the time. The bedroom, though, is a problem. My mom insists on "her own space" - a place for her to go with no Kittens. I can respect this, but it seems Drizzle can't, and with me, what he wants he gets, lol. I spoil him rotten.

So, short of convincing Mom to let him in, how can I stop him from crying at the door and get him to come see me down the hall? He wakes me up daily, anymore, because he wants his Grammy. It's sweet, but it's also a bit rude to me cause I'm trying to sleep, not to mention he could just hug me :p

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Indeed, spoiled like my 2 kitties. When I used to be behind closed doors especially for a long time like to go to sleep, Sugar would go crazy and paw and meow at the door so bad I would have to open it up. I couldn't ignore it b/c it was so loud! I used to kick her out b/c she was so loud at night and would wake me up but I couldn't let her back in b/c my bf said you have to let the cat learn she can't just meow and be let in all the time. So everytime she meowed, I opened the door to squirt her with water and if that didnt work a light but stern pat on the butt with a "NO".. you have to do this for awhile but later on she got better.

As of now, both my cats sleep by me in the room and they like the door being cracked so they know they can go in and out as they please. They are very good, never wake up until I do, no matter what time it is. Hope this helps! <<))
Yes it's hard to ignore the sweet sad little cries of your cat but I think that if he continues to get what he wants by crying, he will continue to use it to his advantage. Remember, cats are smarter than they are given credit for. :wink:
yea as said above, he will soon learn that if he cries enough for something you will give in. On that note usually what my cats want they get too lol I have to say i do love it when im behind a closed door and they get thier paws under the door and start waving thier paw around trying to grab anything thats there. I love to sneak up on their paw when they do it and grab it, suddenly the paw is gone as quick as lightning, then it comes back again as to say "ooooh this is actually quite fun!"
My guy is just too cute, I spoil him too much, I can't discipline him. It's impossible for me. Hehe. I just need something to distract him with.
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