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How to keep my cat safe outside

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I've a new little kitten, he's 14 weeks old and he loves coming outside into the back yard and running around and playing when I take him outside, sometimes he just lays down in the grass and sunshine and is very cute.

I'd like - when he is older - to allow him to be outside during the day unsupervised if he wants, but I don't want him to be able to leave the yard - I don't want to lose him and the local council rules require that he can't get out.

There it's an area of fence where one of the rolling things looks like the best solution (one of these? Spinning Paddle Cat-Proof Fence Rollers | Oscillot® ) to stop him getting over the fence, but there's an area where there is a water tank and pipes which I'm not sure how to block off.

While he is little and supervised and not jumping out trying to get out, I've blocked the area of with some corflute, but I think I'll need a better solution.

I'll attach a couple of pictures, does anyone have suggestions for how to keep him from climbing out?

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Also, here's my kitten, Panda:
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Coming up with a safe and well thought out plan to keep him from escaping is kind of the purpose of this post, to see if someone has knowledge and experience they are willing to share
Cats are very good at jumping and escaping I saw your pictures and my first thought was to put metal gate around it to block it. But not so sure. I wouldn’t want to lose my cat either. They have these beautiful Catio’s you can buy and put it in your yard so your kitty can get fresh air while unsupervised. I do like those rolling things you put on top of fences but a cat possible could manage somehow to get over it you never know but it’s a good deterrent.. I hope you maybe purchase a catio. Google it and that could make both of you happy.


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I had looked at Catio options, some of them would take up half my back yard :/

While I kind of like the idea, the biggest failing point of them in my mind is the do not really solve the problem if my little boy turns into a "door darter". I have spinal issues, so I worry I won't be able to be quick enough to keep him from getting out.

Cat netting might be an option, I'm just failing to work out how it could be properly attached - it's not like I can drill holes into the water tank :)

I found details of a place today that will make custom Perspex mouldings, I might investigate if they could make something suitable
How big is your yard? Maybe attach a canopy all around the fencing so you can both still enjoy the outside?
My advice to you since you LOVE your kitty so much is to Keep the cat indoors… if and when you have plans to go outside or have visitors over I woulD keep the cat in the bedroom until everyone leaves or when you done going in and outside so you don’t have to have this on your shoulder of escaping. My neighbor does that she is in her 80’s and when she goes shopping it in and out if her house she keep Her in the bedroom. Her cat got lost for months thank god I saw it 6 months later on the street it was a miracle she got her back. You can also buy cat perches that go on the wall for windows to look out g do or the cat or some cool indoor tall condos that the cat can watch you outside if I were you that’s what I would do I would not take a chance to lose my kitty.
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