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Does anyone want to help me compile something that potentially can be a sticky?

I feel that many people are aware of the need for assistance but are unsure how to, especially with busy schedules, limited finances, etc. I am going to make a list of how people can help in light of all this, some of it is very simple, as simple as even a click sometimes and every little bit adds!

1) Visit click to donate sites, each site allows one click a day. ... sites_id=1

2) Use a search engine (this one powered by Yahoo) that donates money to the charity of your choice each time you search at:

3) Donate money to local shelters, some have websites with paypal links letting you donate at the click of a button!

4) Volunteer at your local shelter(s), if one has a long wait list, try other shelters, often there will be at least one willing to take someone right away!

5) Inquire at local shelters about fundraisers and how you can help. e.g. some have rummage sales, so get out your old stuff and donate it to a good cause!

6) Buy your pet supplies from the shelters, the proceeds go back to them!

7) Be a foster mommy or daddy.

8. Sponsor an animal at your local shelter.

9) Call the shelters about anything at all they may be collecting for cash (recyclables, cell phones, etc.) and bring in your trash for cash for the shelter!
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