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I stumbled across this forum while looking for some anwers or someone who has had a similar experience to what we've got, so hopefully this is the right place to put this.

About 18 months ago we adopted Mog from an animal charity (we had two previously and regretfully - circle of life and all that - the place just wasnt the same without them!).

She had been picked up as a stray from the streets and was estimated to be about 12 months when we got her, so she's probably about 3 now.

Anywho, when she first came home she was a livewire! Almost stupidly confident, not in the slightest deterred or upset by a change in scenery. We of course followed the "house lock in" procedure for 6-8 weeks to get her settled, but from day one she was determined to break out and go exploring. Indeed, she devised several bolt holes and methods for escaping; the most genius I witnessed was laying, apparently 'asleep' by the back door as the family went about its daily life, seemingly oblivious to the goings on, only to have clocked that when the car arrived at the bottom of the drive and stopped (which the back door looks onto) about 30 seconds later the front door would be open and sure enough if she timed a sudden 'awakening' and dash to the door with just one instance of the car arriving home! Cunning blighter is she!

She was never afraid of people, even if she hadn't met them before. Indeed it was one of the things that attracted us to her. We live in a quiet, friendly area, the kind that keeps back doors open during the summer onto gardens as people have a chat over the fence, and it wasn't uncommon to hear from a neighbour that Mog had popped in for a coffee earlier in the day! She would just casually stroll into a neighbours house, say hello to whoever was around and stroll back out again. As I say we are lucky that those around us are all very friendley. From the off she was independent, equally happy to sit on your lap or spend the entire day out of the house doing what ever mischieve.

Anywho, you get the picture. The cause for concern is that recently (in the last 6 months or so) she has started to change her character rather dramatically. She has become notably a very nervous cat, reacting to any small noise (even those around the house she should be used to by now), and she never seems at ease or fully relaxed. She responds to everything, and I dont mean just an ear twitch or one of those lazy eyes-half-open-head-not-moving things cats are so good at; she'll be asleep on the bed and a footstep in the hallway downstairs will have her head up and pretty much in alert state.

She hardly ever ventures outside anymore, or more precisely she'll follow you out if you go into the garden - almost waits for you to go out - but will generally follow you back in within 10 minutes or so of you going back inside. I cant remember the last time I saw her actually out in the street. While not in the slightest bit agressive and still affectionate, for large portions of the day she will now seek the empty rooms in the house, although typically a room close to where we are (i.e we're downstairs in the lounge, she's in the dining room. We're in the conservetory, she's in the kitchen. We're up in the bedroom, she's in the other). Whereas before she just had to know who the visitor to the house was, now she ignores people.

We suspect that someone or another cat has had a go at her or something has completely scared her. Quite a few times she's come haring in up the garden from somewhere and bolted straight upstairs.

She is otherwise a fully healthy cat - eats normally etc. But has anyone else experienced anything like this (a cat almost inverting its personality). If I just thought she was becoming lazy with staying in I wouldnt care to much. But given the dramatic shift in things like going out and the like, I'm worried that there may be a deeper problem somewhere, and what could possibly be done about it?

Apols for the length of that one!
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