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Howdy y'all :D

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Heh. I'm not Texan, I just like to say 'howdy'. It occurrs to me that I've been posting in various topics for a goodly week now but that I never introduced myself! I'm 22 and graduated from college in California with a degree in genetics. I then moved to Sweden (where my family's from) and am going to start work in September. My best friend Abby and I are just taking a train trip around Europe before facing the real world. My family has had kitties since I was born and I've loved them ever since. It was a kitty-related issue that I encountered first in Greece that caused me to join the forum while on vacation and I want to thank everyone for beeing so wonderful and helping me deal with the kitten situation in Corfu. Thanks to all your support they've found good homes and my friend Abby is going home to the US with a brand new Santorini-born baby furball!!! :D Once again, it's great to have joined and lI ook forward to having much fun in the cat forum!

Meow to y'all ;)
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Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to hearing from you again and share your experience with kitties with us :) !
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