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I'm allergic to cats. I have two of them. I don't take allergy meds or use face masks. I don't clean more than the average person either.

I've been tested so I know I"m allergic to cats. I also worked at a Petsmart adoption centre and was exposed to cages of about 10 cats. I had to quit because my eyes would swell and be insanely itchy. I also sneezed non-stop to the point where my nose would be dripping.

The only reason why I think I have no reaction with my own cats is overexposure. I've heard that if you're allergic you could be immune to a certain cat if you live with them long enough. At first, my skin would get a bit red and itchy if Miu rubbed on my arm too long. However, even now that is gone and she's about 2 yrs old. I had absolutely no reaction to Cap'n Jack when I brought him in.

The only thing I can say is this can be dealt with. There are people who volunteer at the no-kill shelter I associated with who are allergic. Before they go, they take allergy meds then they wear a mask throughout their voluntary visit. If there's a will, there's a way.

There are people who are allergic and own cats. They do as the ppl above me mentioned. Clean like crazy and use an air purifier or air cleaner. If you can't bathe the cats then I've heard you can also rub their cats down with a damp cloth which helps. Launder their bedding frequently and try to avoid carpeting/area rugs which can trap the fur.
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