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Hug a Kitty!

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Do you ever hug and kiss your cats? I know I do! One of my most coveted pleasures in life is hugging a cat and burying my face in their fur (even though I'm slightly allergic. Sometimes cat dander makes my face itch uncontrollably but it's worth it!).

Mouser, Nikki and Zoe are into hugs. Nori is not (she only likes to be touched when she so chooses). Mouser is my favorite cat to hug because he's really big and cuddly and he tolerates it well. Right before I wrote this post I was in the bedroom hugging and petting him. I cuddled him real close and he licked my nose repeatedly. He's so big and protective of the household that guests are afraid of him but he's really just a big teddy bear.

My husband thinks its gross that I kiss my cats (usually on the top of their head or on their cheek) and he won't kiss me for a while afterwards but I would rather kiss a cat than kiss him anyway!
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lol. I love to cuddle with my kitties after a long day. It's very relaxing. Kitty cuddles rule!
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