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Hunting season is upon us here in the Northland, so I am once again trying to tap into the bounty. I have just placed an ad on Freecycle requesting deer gut piles from hunters. Haven't tried this tactic before so don't know how successful it might be. I did get one response from someone wanting to know what I wanted the gut piles for, so I just sent back a brief explanation. Not sure if the person intends to reem me out or offer to help, but I'm hoping for the latter.

I was planning to contact area taxidermists to request deer brains, but I've decided not to for fear of wasting disease. We've had no confirmed cases here in MN, but there have been cases next door in WI. Better safe than sorry. Besides, a deer brain is only the size of a walnut.

Gotta drive down my road and talk to hunters, begging for gut piles. That worked out pretty well last year. Each time I saw a hunter on my road, I handed him a large construction garbage bag and asked him to bag the gut pile for me. I got several that way. I also got a lot of trim meat from my neighbors when I allowed them to hunt on my land.

Don't forget your hunters, folks. This is the time of year to make friends with men with guns!

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