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Ok.. so we went out this afternoon as the storm started.. and took some "before" pictures..

Random Gas Station

On the one of the bridges:

International Speedway Blvd.

Another Bridge

7-Eleven trying to save it's sign..

An Irish Pub..

A hotel on the beach...


the sign at the beach:

Yes, please enjoy your day!

My feet:

Ramp to the beach.

Looking South

Looking North:

Looking East into the ocean:

Looking West: Ocean behind me..

I was standing on the ramp that the cars drive on to get into the ocean.. it's almost always covered with water. Usually the ocean wouldn't start for another 200-300 feet.. that is how high the water has come up. It was already touching the walls... That was at 3pm this afternoon.. I am sure I will get some damage pics when it is all over.

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Krista, stay safe inside the house. Unfortunately, the experts say that this is a normal year. It's just that the number of hurricanes had decreased for some years. This is what Florida used to get all the time! Hard to believe, isn't it?
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