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Hello all,

I'm asking for advice on how to keep my little ~6 week old sick kitten hydrated...

I've had her since around 5 pm Sunday (today is Monday), got her home probably around 6-7 pm. She had some sub-q yesterday at PetSmart because she was badly dehydrated.

Anyway, today she has had 6 cc sub-q by me, and at the vet they gave her some (I don't know exactly how much) sub-q as well to try to rehydrate her as well. At home, we got 2-3 cc of KMR into her, and she ate a bit of wet cat food (with water and nutrical mixed in), and earlier she lapped up probably 1-3 cc of "gravy water" from her earlier food.

I read on a website that cats need 30 mL of fluid per pound per day to maintain hydration. She's about a 1.5 lbs, so she needs 45 mL, and I get the feeling we're probably no where close to that, but the vet said we should be able to just force fluids into her instead of doing more sub-q. We've got her licking KMR off of the end of the syringe, but she has to be interested, and I'm not sure that more of it doesn't end up on us than in her, lol. My mom is bringing home a kitten bottle, so maybe she'll like that. She doesn't drink from a water bowl.

Any tips on keeping the little bugger hydrated? 45 mL seems like a LOT of fluid for such a tiny cat.
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